Why a GBC DBA?

The DBA is a practitioner’s degree, intended for those planning to work in the business field. This well-crafted academic program prepares students to discover, describe, study and solve practical problems faced in contemporary organizations every day. This selective DBA program is designed for working executives who already possess an MBA, or business-related graduate degree, and want to achieve greater, climb higher, and fully master contemporary business practices for themselves and their organizations.

Individuals will be prepared to approach problems by using the applied business research tools and techniques relevant in the industry through the following:

  • Education – The DBA program offers a curriculum that provides students with the skills and knowledge needed to be successful managers, while including input from professional organizations, employers, and alumni. The program encourages students to develop a higher level of competence through the comprehension of theoretical and applied literature and research. In addition, it enables students to develop critical thinking skills that will ultimately lead to advancement in their profession.
  • Teaching – GBC faculty are committed to educating students who wish to connect academics to practice. Through effective teaching methods in a classroom or interactive technology setting, the program is taught by faculty who exhibit strong teaching skills and are dedicated to empowering students with the tools they need to solve complex problems. All DBA students work closely with a Program Director throughout their program to monitor their progress and to address emerging topics in the field of management.
  • Learning environment –The DBA program provides students with a stimulating learning environment that promotes life-long learning. The program encourages students to continue expanding their master’s level core skills and knowledge. The curriculum includes a combination of both theoretical and applied research methodology courses and offer students a rigorous curriculum emphasizing research addressing the problems relevant to today’s managers.

The structure of the 54-credit hour program at GBC includes 10 common core and methods courses that students take during years one through three. In addition, four special topics in business research courses are taken concurrently each year and lead up to the dissertation proposal and final defense.

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