Student Account & Resources

Students are emailed their GBC Network username and password to the email address submitted on their application prior to their start at Goldey-Beacom College. GBC Network username and passwords may also be obtained from a Student Tech Assistant in the Hirons Library and Learning Center. This account gives access to GBC Email, Campus Web, Lightning Central, and gbcALERT and is available for use throughout the student's entire college career at GBC.

GBC Email

Every new student is provided with a GBC email address and can access the GBC mail server using the URL of GBC Email serves as the official means of sending information to students by faculty and staff. Using GBC Email helps ensure that students receive prompt service. For account questions/problems, please call the Hirons Library and Learning Center (HLLC) at 302-225-6277 or stop by the Center to speak to a Student Tech Assistant located in the HLLC.

Campus Web

Campus Web provides students with access to the College's learning management software (LMS), student schedules, course offerings, grade reports, unofficial transcripts, aims (majors) with a complete listing of requirements met and unmet, student finances, online payments, and more. The LMS feature gives students access to course syllabi, handouts, and assignments, to email classmates and faculty, to take tests, to see course-related grades, and other course-related content. Access the portal at the URL of For other general questions about using Campus Web, please call a Student Tech Assistant at (302) 225-6277, email or stop by the Student Tech Assistant Desk located in the Hirons Library and Learning Center to the Jones Center.

Net Partner

Net Partner provides students access to financial aid data including their financial aid package status for a particular academic year, the amounts of individual financial aid awards, and information on loan disbursements and loan history. Once logged in to Campus Web, select Net Partner using the link in the left menu on the Financial Aid tab.


gbcALERT is used to notify students about emergencies, weather cancellations/delays, and other updates via text messaging and/or email. All students, faculty, and staff are automatically enrolled for emergency notifications with their GBC Email addresses and mobile phone numbers on record. Users may add additional email addresses and mobile phone numbers or opt out of text messages at Standard text messaging fees may be charged by the users service provider and are the responsibility of the user. For more information please visit Campus Security.


The GBC wireless network is available from most locations on campus, including the library, lounges, apartments and classrooms. Several outside locations are also accessible, including the gazebo near the softball field, outside seating areas, etc.

Using the GBC Wireless Network

  • Only currently enrolled students and employees of Goldey-Beacom College have access to the GBC wireless network. Up-to-date antivirus software must be installed on all PCs or laptops connected to the network.
  • A wireless 802.11 a/b/g/n card or integrated wireless in a laptop with WPA2 capability is needed. Be aware that certain combinations of operating systems, device drivers, and hardware adapters may not connect to our network.  OIT will not be responsible for determining how to configure these devices.
  • Verify that current antivirus software is installed and that the operating system is at least Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, or OS X with the latest service packs and critical updates installed. For a Windows computer, the GBC User must have administrator privileges to install and run the Cisco security agent.
  • Security policies on the network will temporarily disconnect users who try to access P2P networks, e.g. Limewire, BearShare, KaZaA, BitTorrent, etc., or network activity deemed to be harmful to the GBC Network.  If any of these are actively running during the initial wireless setup, the configuration will not complete.
  • Students should access configuration instructions by logging into Campus Web, clicking the Technology tab and selecting GBC Wireless Network from the left menu.  Select the appropriate operating system and follow the directions for 'Connecting to GBC Community'. Students encountering problems can obtain assistance from a Student Tech Assistant in the Hirons Library and Learning Center or request an appointment by completing the online wireless appointment request form.
  • Two weeks into each session, any enrolled student who had not secured his/her schedule for the current session will lose wireless access. Once a student secures his/her schedule, access will be reinstated within one business day. Students can check to see if they have secured their class schedules on Campus Web by selecting 'Have I Secured My Schedule?' on the Finances tab.
  • Use of the GBC Wireless Network is subject to the Policy for Responsible Computing and Use of College Resources; it is to be used only for activity related to the educational mission of the College.
  • Abuse of the network may result in loss of wireless access privileges and revocation of the GBC network account.

Note: The Office of Information Technology (OIT) at GBC does not provide technical support for personally-owned computers. We will assist with the configuration of our wireless network for current students, faculty, and staff.